You won't find a professionally written script here or some fancy spokesperson with an accent.  But what you will find is how I generate 6 figures a year using mass video advertising.  Since 2013, I've been dominating YouTube and Google with video marketing for local businesses, pay per call, and affiliate marketing and now for the first time you're going to learn what took me several years and thousands of dollars in trial and error.

This is a step-by-step training series of me creating a brand new campaign from beginning to end.. leaving nothing out.  You're going to see the pay per call campaign I pick, how I find the cities and create my list, how I create my videos, YT accounts, titles, descriptions.. EVERYTHING.  In the below video you will see some of my end results with this campaign.



Mass Video Blaster

The ultimate YouTube marketing tool that gives you the ability to mass upload and manage YouTube accounts and videos.

Video Spin Blaster

VSB is an amazing tool that allows you to take one video and duplicate it into hundreds or even thousands of videos.

Content Samurai

I use this video editing software to create the majority of my affiliate, client, lead and mass videos for YT and Google.



- FAQ's -

Do you offer refunds? You won't find this course anywhere else. It has taken me several years and thousands of dollars in trial and error to get these types of results and now I'm sharing them with you. This course is worth MUCH MORE than I'm asking. To prevent scammers from learning my strategies then refunding, I will not be offering refunds for any reason so be sure you want to buy this course before placing your order.

Will my YT accounts get banned?  If you create enough videos and YT accounts, some will get banned.  This is usually because your competitors are flagging your videos or reporting your channel for spam which is typical in mass video marketing.

Will I get in trouble using this system?  You can get in trouble with any marketing system.  For example:  If you do affiliate marketing, you have to abide by that companies rules of promotion.  You can get in trouble for using copyright content.  YouTube obviously doesn't like people uploading hundreds or thousands of videos and therefore can and will terminate your YT account if they find them.  Any marketing system has it's risks, just use common sense with this method.

Do you guarantee rankings in both YT and Google?  No, There's no way I can guarantee any rankings but as you can see from the video above, this system works amazingly well depending on the keywords you choose.  With mass video marketing, you should targeting long-tail keywords to get best results.  Don't expect to build videos for terms like “weight loss” and get them ranked.